05/16/2018 – Cooking and Camaraderie: How Delicious in Dungeon Encourages Accessible Fantasy

05/01/2018 – Dragon Ball’s Timelessness Shows in Britney Spears’ Kids


10/09/2018 – Hilda Taps Into Our Inner Child’s Wanderlust

09/14/2018 – Come Along With Me, Understanding Adventure Time’s Legacy

08/31/2018 – Teen Titans Go! Is the Relief We Didn’t Think We Needed

06/18/2018 – Reboot Discourse Doesn’t Resolve the Animation Industry’s Problems

03/02/2018 – “Hyouka’s” Poetic Depictions of Normalizing Otherness

01/04/2017 – “Recovery of an MMO Junkie” Is a Touching and Necessary Depiction of Coping Through Gaming

04/03/17 – “Your name” Is More Than a Box-Office Breaking Romance, Slipping Subtle, Social Allegories Within Its Drama

04/03/17 – Love or Letting Go: How Makoto Shinkai’s Recent Mainstream Presence is an Indirect Response to Studio Ghibli’s Current Struggle

03/01/17 – “3gatsu no Lion” Reminds Us That Loss is Real, and Sometimes Inevitable

02/07/17 – “The Dark Side of Dimensions” Goes Full Throttle with the Absurdity of Yu-Gi-Oh!, an Ode to a Generation


08/21/2018 – Creation as Play: Terry Pratchett, Author and Modder

02/19/2018 – Pokémon GO Doesn’t Need to Convince Me Pokémon Are Real, I Know They Are

12/21/2017 – The Developer’s Burden and Discussing Authentic Representation in Dating Sims

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